Building community…Creating connections

PAWS (Parents And Wildcat Supporters) was created to empower, support, and uplift our dedicated educators while fostering a strong sense of community through engaging and inclusive family fun nights. 

We are committed to:

  1. Supporting Teachers: We strive to provide teachers with the resources, tools, and encouragement they need to excel in their classrooms. We believe that when teachers thrive, students succeed.
  2. Building Community: We are dedicated to creating a warm and inclusive environment where parents, teachers, and students come together to build strong, lasting connections. We believe that a united community is the cornerstone of a successful educational experience.
  3. Family Fun Nights for All: We organize fun-filled, family-oriented community nights that bring joy, laughter, and togetherness. These events serve as a platform for families to bond, share experiences, and create lasting memories.
  4. Inclusivity and Diversity: We embrace diversity in all its forms and work to ensure that our organization is welcoming and inclusive to all members of our school community. We celebrate the unique perspectives and backgrounds that make our community vibrant and rich.
  5. Transparency and Accountability: We maintain transparency in our operations and financial management. Our members can trust that their contributions are used responsibly to benefit our teachers, students, and community.

Together, we aim to create an environment where teachers feel valued, students thrive, and our community flourishes. Through our combined efforts, we envision a brighter future for all involved in the education of our children.”

Contact Information


President: Katie Rowse

Vice President: Cecelia Kenner

Treasurer: Andrew Rowse

Secretary: Tara Hayasaka

Communications Coordinator: Mariya Scheer

Monforton Classroom Parent Lead: Tiffany Cok

Family Relations Lead: Lauren Lyons

Teacher Appreciation Lead: Melissa Kuchynka

Special Occasion Lead: Erica Burfiend

Literacy Lead: Amanda Hendrix-Commoto

Meet Monforton Lead: Marie Nelson


  • PAWS First Meetings

    Welcome back Monforton! PAWS invites you to join us! We run on volunteer help. Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do all of the wonderful things for our teachers and community. Help us keep our Wildcat Spirit strong by lending a helping hand!  We also know that not everyone can give the gift of time.…

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  • Monforton Meet & Greet

    On September 9th, PAWS hosted a Meet & Greet for the community right before the elementary school play, Barnyard Adventures. The purpose was to highlight the activities and organizations that help make our school so wonderful. PAWS, Monforton School Foundation, Monforton Moves, Athletics/Sports Boosters, Performing Arts, Traditional Arts, and Farm to School all participated. In…

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  • Volunteer Brunch

    Thank you to the teachers and staff of Monforton for hosting a volunteer brunch in May. The entire experience was wonderful! There is much love in the Monforton community and it flows in all directions.

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  • Superintendant Candidates

    Meet and Greet with the Community, Parents, and Students – 4:45 PMSpecial Meeting for Formal Interviews, Community Feedback and Board Discussion – 6:15 PMMiddle School Gym415 Circle F. Trail Thanks to PAWS for creating these treat baskets to welcome the two candidates to our school on Monday!

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  • More Teacher Appreciation Week!

    In addition to our MCP created gift baskets for the teachers, PAWS tried to make each day of Teacher Appreciation week special. Here is the list of each day’s activities that were done to help make our teachers/staff/admin feel extra appreciated last week. Monday May 1st – Friday 5th Sunday April 30th  – Chalk the…

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  • Teacher Appreciation Week!

    This week we honored out teachers/staff/admin in so many different ways! One of the ways we helped spoil our teachers was to have the Monforton Classroom Parents (MCP) make gift baskets for each of their teachers. Monforton Classroom Parents is a PAWS program that asks for parent volunteers to help teachers with volunteer opportunities in…

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